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Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) Processes

The MEMS Processes which are currently being used by the RCIM include:

Micragem Fabrication Process

The Micragem fabrication process was developed at Micralyne Inc. in conjunction with CMC Microsystems. The MEMS technology enables users to develop fully suspended MEMS devices using single crystal silicon with metal electrodes. The process is unique in that it offers flexibility in selecting the variable gap sizes between layers. This makes the process more versatile and flexible, thus enabling designers to develop MEMS devices with broad geometric variations. Micragem has applications in telecommunications, microassembly, inertial navigation for aerospace and automobiles, and more.

Protolyne™ Fabrication Process

CMC Microsystems offers a fabrication service of semi-custom microfluidics devices through the Micralyne Inc. Protolyne™ technology. Protolyne™ incorporates eight reservoirs in glass substrate for microfluidic applications that enable the user to develop a network of bulk-micromachined channels. The main features of this technology are:

  • The fabricated chip consists of two pieces of Schott Borofloat™ glass, which are fusion-bonded together; the dimensions of each glass piece are 16x95x1.1mm3. The overall thickness is 2.2mm.
  • The top plate has eight reservoirs (holes for fluidics connections) that are 2mm in diameter. The layout is fixed and as shown in the figure below.
  • The bottom plate is isotropically bulk-etched with the client’s pattern (fixed 20mm etch depth) and the alignment pads. The circular etch pads are 1.5mm in diameter and connected to the etched channels, and are also used to align the top and bottom plates.

Surface Micromachining PolyMUMPs Process

In partnership with CMP (France) and MEMSCAP Inc., CMC Microsystems offers researchers access to the PolyMUMPs technology. This  technology is a triple polysilicon, single metal surface micromachining process with deposited oxide (PSG) as the sacrificial material, and silicon nitride for electrical isolation from the substrate. CMC Microsystems also offers optional HF release and supercritical carbon dioxide drying.

MetalMUMPs Process

In partnership with CMP (France) and MEMSCAP Inc., CMC Microsystems offers researchers access to the MetalMUMPs technology. This technology incorporates the three major MEMS processes: LIGA-like, thick metal electroplating, as well as bulk and surface micromachining. This technology allows researchers to design: MEMS devices with thick metal layers suitable for high-performance RF applications, and  new types of actuators for various applications, including micro-assembly.

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